Dreaming of a Black Dog: The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Dreams with black dogs have always fascinated me. I myself have had many dreams with a black dog, and I have heard of others who have dreamt about them as well. After discussing dreams with many people, I realized how common these actually were. So, what does it mean if you dream of a black dog? 

Black dogs in dreams can be a way to process grief, depression, loneliness, separation from a loved one. Dreaming of a black dog represents deep emotional change and transformation that you are going through. They are guardians of the shadow realm and can appear when you are moving through deep shadow work.  

Depending on the context, emotions, and synchronicities that surround your black dog dream, a black dog in a dream can have a different meaning for you. This article will discuss the most common black dog dreams, what they mean, and if it has the same meaning to you. 

Black Dog Dream Keywords

  • Shadow work
  • Spiritual guardianship
  • Empathy
  • Energetic protection
  • Negative habits
  • Healing
  • Separation from ego


What Does a Black Dog Symbolize? 

Black dogs have historically been connected to death, especially in European folklore and superstition. They have been known to be guardians of the underworld, keeping a watchful and protective eye on all those who have passed. 

In contrast, many ancient cultures such as the Native American and East Asian cultures, dogs were seen as pack animals that belonged to a human tribe. They were praised for the utility that they brought with them, such as protection, hunting, playfulness, and companionship. 

They represented guardianship, protection, and were often given as names to warriors who could watch over their people, known as “watchdogs.” 

Going back thousands of years to when dogs were first domesticated, there is evidence to believe that dogs were not domesticated by humans; rather, they were wild wolves that chose to domesticate themselves. Seeing that wolves and humans could work in a symbiotic relationship, they helped each other survive and thrive, and soon became “man’s best friend.” 

So, what does this have to do with black dogs? Black dogs are seen as the “wild wolf” in the spirit world that has decided to be a guardian and protector over our shadow side. Helping us in our shadow work has benefits to the collective consciousness, and it is a symbiotic relationship. 

Are Black Dogs in Dreams Unlucky? 

Black dogs do usually show up in your subconscious, such as in a dream, when you are dealing with a difficult emotions that is connected to your shadow side. These can be any unpleasant emotions that are coming to the surface that you are fearful of, ashamed of, or are still trying to repress such as a trauma. 

But, just because they show up when we are dealing with difficult emotions, does that mean that they are unlucky? 

Seeing a black dog in a dream is not unlucky, even though it might show up when unlucky events are happening to you. They show up to give you information, and to help you bring shadow energy to the surface so you can work past it. More likely, they show up when you are going through deep internal change, or releasing negative energy from your space. 

Often times black dogs show up because of the negative emotions that result due to unwanted changes in your life. For example, after a relationship ends you might feel grief and sadness and have scary dreams about a black dog. The black dog did not cause the breakup; it shows up to help you process those emotions so you can move on to a healthier relationship. 

Usually, black dogs bring the energy of protection, so keeping black dogs in your house can protect your space from unwanted energies, and may even prevent bad luck. 

Do Black Dogs Represent Depression? 

Many people report having dreams of black dogs after experiencing episodes of depression and periods of feeling emotionally unwell. This is also where the term “black dog” is used as a metaphor for depression. So, do black dogs represent depression? 

Black dogs can show up in dreams as the valence of what your depression represents. In a sense, if you are trying to deal with your depression, your depression can take on the form of a black dog so it is easier to process. 

If you dream of a black dog while struggling with depression, the black dog could be a symbol of what that depression is doing to your energetic space. 

For example, if you are running away from a black dog, you may be avoiding these emotions and letting them take over your life. Or, if a black dog bites or attacks you, you may feel completely overwhelmed and defeated by your depression. 

Regardless of the dream, it is a positive sign because it means your subconscious is finally ready to face and deal with the depressions that are holding you back in life. Even if it seems scary, you may start feeling like you have the energy and ability to ask for help or incorporate habits that can help you manage your periods of feeling down. 

Black dogs are shadow animal guides and are here to help you deal with the scary stuff stuck in the dark corners of the mind. 


Black Dog Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, black dogs are very important figures and appear frequently to us in the form of dreams, visions, or ghostly figures that pass through the house during the night. While this can seem alarming, black dogs are a spiritual presence that shouldn’t be feared. 

Seeing a black dog can have two spiritual meanings, and show up in two separate contexts: 

  1. You are going through a difficult period of grief, loneliness, depression, or facing your shadow side. 
  2. You recently had your own pet dog pass away. 

Black dogs are one of the animal spirit guardians of the shadow realm, and often appear to people who need a shadow animal to help them get through deeply repressed emotions. These stuck emotions prevent us from growing spiritually. 

Another situation where black dogs show up in dreams and visions is when our own pets pass away. If you recently had a dog pass away and see a big black dog in a dream or vision, this is a positive sign that your dog is being looked after and guided to the other side. 

When a dog spirit that has passed on decides to visit, it is usually accompanied by a big black dog. 


Black Dog Appearing in Your Dreams

Black dogs get a bad rap in dreams because they usually show up with an ominous or threatening presence. While they may not actually attack you in a dream, they can make you feel as though you are being watched, or could be in danger. 

If a black dog shows up in a dream and is watching you, this is a sign that you are being protected and watched over. A watchful black dog is a sign that there are big changes ahead, and something significant is about to shift if your life. While these changes may seem unpleasant at first, they will lead you to connect to your more authentic self. 

Another common dream where black dogs appear is if they are attacking, eating, killing, or biting. This is a common “shadow animal” dream, and actually a very positive sign. 

In shamanism, dreaming of an animal eating or attacking you is a spiritual sign of being “dismembered.” This process happens so you can separate yourself from whatever emotions or egoic thinking is holding you back so that you can “re-member” who you truly are. 

It is a sacred dream, and a sign of deep transformation and spiritual enlightenment. It can happen if you are being called to undergo deep spiritual transformation or are called to be a healer. 

With a black dog, it is a sign that you are called to help others, offer companionship, provide service, and offer unconditional love and acceptance to those who need it. But you have to work through your shadow side to connect with that higher version of yourself. 

Here are more specific black dog shadow dreams and what they represent: 

Dream of a Black Dog BitingDreaming of a black dog biting you is a sign of past actions or choices coming back to “bite you.” This usually has to do with a relationship, such as talking badly about a friend, lying to a partner, cheating a coworker, or double-crossing someone. It brings up the parts of yourself that lead you to make those decisions. Why did you lie? Steal? Talk badly about someone? Answers to those questions can tell you what is holding you back and what deeply repressed emotions you are ready to deal with. 

Seeing a black dog biting someone else is a sign that someone else might be double-crossing you, and to be wary of your relationships. 
Dream of a Black Dog Biting HandDreaming of a black dog biting your hand is usually a dream about your career or how you make money. You may not like your job, and are being called to do work that you are passionate about. Consider work that can bring you more joy and fulfillment. 
Black Dog Barking In a DreamDreaming of a black dog barking at your is a warning dream to get your attention. You may be taking steps in a direction that is throwing you off your spiritual path, and the black dog is letting you know you are headed the wrong way. It could be a new relationship that is toxic, or a new bad habit that is causing harm. 
Black Dog Chasing You In a DreamDreaming of a black dog chasing you is a complex dream and can have many meanings. Often, it is a sign that you are running away from a deeply repressed emotion, such as a trauma. Running away is a sign of avoiding it or being fearful of it. Also, running away keeps the emotion intact, but facing it can cause it to “die” which means you can finally overcome it. 

It may be helpful to confide in someone that can offer support. Being in a protective environment to deal with these emotions is very healing. This could be counseling, therapy, or seeking out an intuitive healer, shaman, or hypnotherapist (specifically for past life regression). 
Black Dog Attacking In a DreamDreaming of a black dog attacking you in a dream is a sign that you are ready to face your shadow side, and are undergoing a deep internal shift. It is a scary process but in the end, you will become stronger. You are starting to face the difficulties of releasing your ego and stepping into a higher state of being. It can often feel as though you are fighting for your survival; however, the process of letting go of the identity that contains all the negative or unpleasant emotions is very healing. 
Dream of Killing a Black DogDreaming of killing a black dog in a dream is letting you know that your negative habits, emotions, or relationships are keeping you stuck. They may be preventing you from manifesting the life you desire or growing spiritually. Killing something that causes you fear in a dream prevents you from experiencing change and transformation. It is a sign of avoidance, procrastination, and stagnation. 
Dream of a Dead Black DogDreaming of finding a dead black dog, or seeing a dog die in a dream represents change that is happening in your life, particularly in reference to a relationship or emotional attachment. Death and dying in spiritual language represents the ending of something so that something new can begin in that space. You may be ending a negative relationship so that a more positive one can take its place. 
Dream of a Black Dog KillingDreaming of a black dog killing someone or something is a sign that you are taking on the emotions of other people around you. It is a sign that you are highly empathic, and are taking on other people’s pain and suffering at the detriment to your own mental and physical health. Separating your own emotions from other people’s emotions, and bring in psychic protective tools can be helpful and healing. 
Dream of a Black Dog Killing a CatA surprisingly common dream, dreaming of a black dog killing a cat represents a psychic attack and the need for energetic protection. Cats often represent the intuition, third eye, and psychic abilities. If a black dog is attacking or killing a cat, it can represent that you have energies around you that are preventing you from accessing your intuition. Cutting out harmful relationships and using psychic protective tools such as black tourmaline can be helpful.  


Other Common Black Dog Dream Meanings

While most people have scary or negative black dog dreams, there are dreams where black dogs can have a comforting or protective presence. These dreams have their own special meaning. 

Black Dog Entering Your House In a Dream

Dreaming of a black dog entering your home is focused on energies in your root/1st chakra, which is all about your physical space and domestic life. It has to do with the energies that you hold closest to your body, such as survival, physical health, financial matters, and feeling grounded. 

These areas can feel the most vulnerable, and subconsciously you may have asked for protection in these areas in your life. A black dog in your home can be a sign of protective energies that surround the most vulnerable areas of your life. 

A black dog in your home should give you feelings of being comforted and grounded; however, if you feel unsettled by a black dog entering your home it might be a sign that you need energetic protection in these areas in your life. 

If you have constant feelings of stress at home, have financial worries, or are struggling with physical health, a black dog may be offering you protection, or encouraging you to make your home space a place of healing and a place to stay grounded. 

Placing black or red foo dogs at the entrance of your home can be healing, and may ease these dreams. 

Friendly Black Dog In Your Dream

Dreaming of a friendly black dog in your dream is a positive sign that you are comfortable with your darker side, and can confront and deal with negativities that show up in your life. 

There may be change heading your way; yet, you do not feel fearful, as you know that everything in life must change eventually. There is a deep part of you that has the inner wisdom to see that it is for the better. 

This is a sign that you are adaptable, have high emotional intelligence, and strong inner trust. You may be called to do energetic work or to be a healer, and to help others move past their shadow side. 

Dreaming of a big black friendly dog can also be a sign that you are being visited by a dog spirit that have left this world. Black dogs are the guides and protectors of dogs that pass on to the spirit realm. It is not common to see this, so this could be a sign you have psychic gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance. This is especially true if you see them in meditation visions or as ghostly figures. 

Black Dog Protecting You In a Dream

In general, dogs represent protection, loyalty, companionship, and love, and black dogs can carry the same loving and protective energy with this in dreams. 

Dreaming about a black dog bring protective of you often represents the parts of you that need energetic protection, usually due to being highly empathic. If you feel as though you take on too much energy or emotions around you, the black dog may be protecting you from outside energies. 

Managing your empathic abilities and allowing yourself a lot of rest and separation from the outside world can help you feel grounded and reset. Managing your energetic health is important in long-term wellness. 

Incorporating psychic protection tools such as black tourmaline, Epsom salt baths, rose water mist, and grounding outside can be healing. 

A black dog might be your animal spirit guide that is offering you protection, comfort, and space so that you can learn to deal with these parts of yourself. 



Black dogs in dreams can seem scary, but just like life, we sometimes have to stand up to challenges and hardships in order to grow. Black dogs can give us feelings of stress, discomfort, and fear; yet, these emotions are important to move out of our subconscious in order to grow past them. 

Black dogs have been commonly associated with depression, grief, loss, loneliness, and death. However, just like in the tarot, drawing the death card doesn’t mean physical death – just what death represents, which is change

Dreaming of a black dog is a sign that you are going through a deep transformation, and are ready to face the darker sides of yourself so that you can keep growing. This might mean having uncomfortable conversations with people, leaving unhealthy relationships, quitting a job, or taking responsibility for your own energetic health. 

While this is one interpretation of the meaning of a black dog in a dream, we all have our own spiritual language and meaning for symbols that appear to us in synchronistic ways. Sit still and meditate on what a black dog means to you in your dreams. 

Like everything on this site and found on the internet, use your own intuition to determine what information works best for you, and disregard the rest. 


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