Visited By a Hummingbird? What Does It Mean Spiritually?

Growing up, I was always amazed at hummingbirds and always felt that they were spiritual creatures. When a hummingbird would visit me, I would always feel as if I was visited by an angel, and something magical would happen. Like many others, I always wondered if hummingbirds were spiritual messengers, and was curious about what they meant spiritually. 

So, what is the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird? Hummingbirds resonate at a very high vibration, which makes them more connected to the spiritual realm. Their behaviors are influenced by the spiritual presence of angels, guides, or loved ones that have passed on. Spiritually, hummingbirds represent inspiration and hope, and can be a guiding light that can move you closer to fulfilling your dreams. 

Depending on when or where you see the hummingbird and what is happening in your life, hummingbirds can have a different meaning for you. This article will go over the various spiritual reasons you are seeing a hummingbird, and what the message is to you. 


What Do Hummingbirds Symbolize Spiritually? 

People often think of hummingbirds as tiny garden fairies, because of their elusive nature and bright colors. They seem to appear and disappear from thin air, and don’t hang around for very long. 

Throughout history, hummingbirds have held spiritual significance. In Native American animism, hummingbirds were believed to be spiritual helpers and lightworkers. Seeing a hummingbird represented peace, love, and harmony. They were always drawn as a symbol in a pair, which was to depict the energy of union, devotion, domestic harmony, and honoring the life cycles. [Source]

The Aztecs believed that hummingbirds had a strong connection to their ancestors, and when a hummingbird would appear it was a visitation from loved ones who have passed on. They were also seen as messengers from the gods.

Many people report seeing hummingbirds appear after a loved one has passed away, or if they are moving through a period of grief, separation, or a big shift has happened in their life. 

So, what is the deeper spiritual meaning of a hummingbird? And what does it mean if you are visited by a hummingbird? 

Hummingbirds often appear in your life after a season of big change, and they are a positive omen after a period of turmoil that signifies things are being pieced back together. You may have gone through a big challenge in your life recently that has forced you to confront limiting beliefs that have held you back. A hummingbird is appearing to you so that you can reconnect with your core essence to rebuild your life from a foundation that aligns with your true purpose. 

While hummingbirds are small, they are confident, aggressive, and aren’t afraid to defend their territory. As such, they represent a new layer of confidence that comes from knowing that you are protected and guided by Divine and pure loving energy. This new connection to self makes you stand up for your values and push energies away that don’t align with your highest essence. 

Being visited by a hummingbird should give you a renewed sense of hope and faith, finally seeing the bigger picture, knowing that all your grief is leading you towards a higher path. The hummingbird is letting you know that everything has happened for a reason. 

Synchronicities that involve a hummingbird, such as seeing a hummingbird everywhere you go, is a sign from the universe that magic is flowing around you all of the time, and anything is possible. This is not a time to let your doubts hold you back. Your manifestations will come in a lot quicker than usual, so this is a time to set intentions about what you want your life to look like. 

Because of this, you may notice that during the same time a hummingbird visits you, you feel a wave of inspiration and a desire to discover your purpose in life. At the moment when a hummingbird visits you, they are resonating with your energy of choosing a higher version of yourself.  

Be open to new people, ideas, inspirations, and gifts from the universe that come into your life right now. 

Hummingbirds also resonate with the energy of having a generous spirit. If you have a recurring pattern in your life of seeing or being visited by hummingbirds, it could be a sign that you have a big heart and a lot of compassion. This may be a time to strengthen these qualities that you have, as many people can benefit from these natural qualities that you possess.  


Are Hummingbirds a Sign From Heaven? 

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning: are they messages from heaven?

Hummingbirds are seen as a messenger from heaven because of their pattern to show up in times of grief after the loss of a loved one. Hummingbirds are very sensitive to spiritual energies in their environment, making them the perfect conduit for spiritual messages to come through. 

If they sense an increased flow of spiritual energy around someone, they will often fly by to check it out. This could be due to the presence of angels, loved ones, or spirit guides that are around someone. 

In this way, hummingbirds are a sign that heavenly energies are flowing in or around something, and a signal to pay attention. When a hummingbird stops to check you out, pay attention to what you were thinking about when the hummingbird visitation happened. 

Were you grieving over a lost loved one? Were you thinking of a stressful situation? Were you asking for a sign or guidance? If the answer is yes, then a hummingbird is a sign that heavenly energies are nearby to help you out and offer you comfort. 


What Does It Mean When a Hummingbird Crosses Your Path? 

Hummingbirds are fast creatures and can whiz by in a dramatic way, making you stop in your tracks. If a hummingbird flies right in front of you making you stop in your tracks, this is a positive omen. 

The Native Americans saw hummingbirds as a guiding light towards the Truth and “right path.” Because they respond to spiritual energies, they like to be in the flow of universal energies and go to where the highest vibrations lead.  

The symbolism of a hummingbird crossing your path means that you are on a journey, and by the end of the journey you are on, you will be a more whole, balanced, and self-realized. 

You may have confusion about whether you are on the right path or not, and a hummingbird is letting you know that even though you feel as if you don’t have all the information right now, you should trust the inner light that is guiding you home. 

A hummingbird crossing your path is all about trusting the universe, trusting yourself, and following your heart energies that are leading you closer and closer towards your Higher Self. 


Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds In or Around Your House

Hummingbirds often appear around the home and are seen out in the garden pollinating the flowers in the back yard. 

While it may seem obvious that hummingbirds hang around houses because of flowery gardens, this is not always true. Some houses attract more hummingbirds than others, even if they have fewer flowers in the gardens. 

The energy that surrounds a home is just as important to hummingbirds as the flowers in the garden. They won’t hang around a house that feels out of balance or has an energetic disturbance nearby. 

Houses with gardens full of life not only are pleasant for hummingbirds because of the diversity of food, but they are also attracted to the life-force energy that is required to sustain such a beautiful oasis. Hummingbirds around the house represent harmony and a sense of completion and perfection. 

Hummingbirds are hardworking creatures and are always working to get what they want. As such, hummingbirds around the house represent the power of taking action, hard work, and being able to manifest your true desires. This is a good time to live in the present moment and appreciate all the things that you have worked for to get you to this point in life. 

If you are seeing hummingbirds around your house and you don’t feel as if your life is perfect, the message is to shift your perspective to view life in the seasons of cycles. These cycles can be months, years, or lifetimes. 

When you look at bigger cycles, you can start connecting the dots to realize that even though right now things might not seem perfect, you have been creating everything in your reality up until this point, and will keep creating it. 

If life isn’t what you thought it would be like for you right now, the message from a hummingbird is that you have the power to change it. You can realign your goals, and start working hard today to move you closer to the life of your dreams. 


What Does a Hummingbird In Dreams Represent? 

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning: what does a hummingbird represent symbolically

Dreaming of hummingbirds is a powerful spiritual symbol, and one that should not be ignored. Generally, a hummingbird in a dream represents inner intelligence, new ideas, and spiritual determination. A negative hummingbird dream may represent a flighty attitude and an inability to commit long term to ideas, projects, or relationships. 

Hummingbirds are very small creatures, yet, for their size, they have incredible endurance which allows them to fly and hunt for nectar all day long. In addition, they have the largest brain to body ration out of all other birds, allowing them to remember every place they’ve ever found nectar. It goes without saying, they are very intelligent. 

With these qualities combined, the message from a hummingbird dream is related to your thoughts, inspirations, and ideas, and the power behind those. It may indicate that small ideas that you have right now have more potential than you think. Don’t abandon your smaller dreams, or dreams that seem too unrealistic to happen. 

To learn more about what hummingbird dreams represent, you can check out this article here: The Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds Appearing In Dreams


Spiritual Meaning of a Dead Hummingbird

Seeing a dead hummingbird can be a disturbing image because these creatures seem so magical, almost like they should be immortal. It is always sad to see a dead hummingbird, but what does it represent spiritually? 

If you keep seeing dead hummingbirds, or related imagery for the death of hummingbirds, it often has to do with your state of mind and confusion about your identity. You may be feeling an overwhelming feeling of being self-conscious, feeling like you made a mistake, and want to turn back time or fall into a pattern of escapism into a reality that is not really there. 

It could represent a season you are about to begin that is centered on loss, grief, separation, and loneliness. 

The good news is that seeing a dead hummingbird isn’t necessarily a bad omen, in fact, it can be a positive sign that changes are on the way. Hummingbirds represent the fine balance that exists in a larger evolving and shifting reality that includes birth, death, rebirth, and growth. They represent impermanence, and that nothing lasts forever. 

A dead hummingbird can represent a part of you that in currently changing or needs to change and evolve. If you have been feeling lost and confused, this could be a great time to develop a spiritual practice and begin connecting with your inner truth. 

Feeling a sense of loneliness or separation gives you an opportunity to learn what your heart needs in order to feel fulfilled and passionate about life. 

The void of nothingness that you feel right now is a stepping stone leading you to a better version of yourself. A dead hummingbird tells you that pain and discomfort is the biggest catalyst for change and rebirth. 

Above all else, it is a reminder to appreciate all the good in your life right now and to not get stuck on the things you don’t have right now. Because everything in we have in life cannot last forever, and everything that we want in life is on the horizon of our manifestations. 


Other Common Spiritual Signs of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds may show up in your life for a variety of reasons, and depending on what symbolism appears to you, there may be a different meaning for your hummingbird sighting. Below are other common spiritual signs that show up in the form of a hummingbird. 

Spiritual meaning of a baby hummingbirdBaby hummingbirds often represent the beginning of a new idea or project, almost like the seed before it takes root. The message is that thoughts are the most powerful tool we have here on earth. The power to manifest anything starts in the imagination and requires the energy of consistent thought and action in order to grow. 
This is a very spiritual message, as God is creation itself, and the power to create is a Divine gift from Source. Be mindful of your thoughts, because that is how you connect to Spirit. 
Spiritual meaning of hummingbird feathersIn Native American culture, hummingbird feathers were prized as being connected to the Divine and were used to decorate special headdresses and tools. Hummingbird feathers serve as a reminder that a connection to the Divine and the heavens can always be found within. This symbol is meant to empower you to take charge of your spiritual journey, and not to give that power away. Before you seek the guidance from a spiritual tool, or another person, first sit with yourself to see if you can learn the answer from within. 
Spiritual meaning of a green hummingbirdThe color green represents growth, new beginnings, health, and success. When a hummingbird appears in your life that is green, it usually represents that you are in a period of growth, starting a new chapter, or that this is a season to explore a new layer of yourself and plant seeds that will foster success in your future. This is a positive sign for abundance, new ideas, new projects, and new relationships. Just remember to stick with the projects that you start. The vibration of green requires nourishment and consistent attention in the early stages, and it is easy to abandon projects to early because you aren’t seeing results. There is a need for patience. 
Spiritual meaning of a red hummingbirdThe color red represents power, vitality, creation, survival and passion. When a red hummingbird appears in your life that is red, it usually represents that you are ready to take action on a new goal or project that you have been putting off. Because hummingbirds are so connected with spiritual energy, they often show up with the universe is ready to help you launch you towards success. The message from the universe is “take the first steps, and we will take care of the rest.” Often, the hardest part of a project is just getting started, so a red hummingbird is meant to inspire you to finally take the first step!
Spiritual meaning of a brown hummingbirdThe color brown represents nurturing and healing energy. Seeing a brown hummingbird relates to how you nurture your spiritual relationship and spiritual journey. If you are seeing a brown hummingbird frequently, this is a great time to devote each time to your spiritual development, such as meditation or prayer. 


Hummingbird As Your Spirit Animal or Animal Totem

There are some people that have incarnated with a unique spiritual affinity towards the plant and animal kingdom, and they notice synchronistic patterns emerge from certain creatures. 

If you are seeing a hummingbird in synchronistic sightings, having dreams and visions of them, or just thinking about them frequently, these may be signs that a hummingbird is your animal spirit guide or animal totem. 

The breath of life that flows in and around the universe is able to naturally flow in and through the animal kingdom, so spiritual messages and signs are often sent to us through them. This is especially true for those that are sensitive to their energies. 

If your animal totem is a hummingbird, this creature is reflecting back to you the attributes that you are discovering within yourself.  There is something attracting you to the energy of a hummingbird, so it will be helpful to study its behavior in order to learn more about who you are at your core essence. 

For example, what are the qualities of a hummingbird that stands out to you? Does its small size and delicate nature stand out? Do the colors of the hummingbird stand out? Is it the fast speed and quick movements that attracts you to a hummingbird? What about its negative qualities;  do you notice how aggressive and territorial hummingbirds are? Do you notice that they always fly solo and are independent creatures?

Whatever is drawing you closer to this creature are aspects of yourself that you energetically resonate with. You may find that you resonate with the small and delicate nature of a hummingbird, or the confident and assertive qualities that they possess. 

In general, a hummingbird as an animal totem or animal guide is showing you how to confident with who you are. This means having a strong identity, a life you are passionate about, and a community that you live in harmony with. This requires a strong connection to your physical self, emotional self, and spiritual self. 

At some point in our life, most of us come to the realization that we have no idea who we really are or what we want in life. We live in our bodies every day but often feel like a stranger in a strange land. This leads to insecurity, lack of direction, indecision, and emotional imbalance. 

A hummingbird as a spirit animal is a guiding light so that you can discover the essence of your being. It is not an easy path, but in the end, it is the most rewarding. When you finally realize who you are, what your values are, and what your purpose is, you become a fully embodied and confident person. 

A person that fully resonates with hummingbird energy is comfortable with their uniqueness of self, yet, very aware of their interconnectedness and has a deep affinity with humanity as a whole. They are very intelligent, wise, idealistic, creative, curious, and is always ready to embrace the quirks that they have that makes them unique. In fact, they find ways to bring their unique nature to the world so that others can benefit from a fresh perspective. 



If you frequently see hummingbirds, or you have been seeing them in dreams or meditations, they may be trying to send you a spiritual message. It may be a good idea to keep a journal and document the occurrences and what you felt during your encounter with this gentle creature. 

Have you been asking the universe to send you a sign or a spirit animal? This could be communication from the universe. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird, everyone has their own intuitive language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what the symbolism of a hummingbird means to you and your spiritual journey. 


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