Green In Dreams: What It Means and How To Interpret It

When we dream, we often remember the people and the objects, but it is easy to look past what colors appeared in the dream. However, when interpreting dreams, colors can play just as big of a role as the symbolism of the object. Colors impart a deeper emotional expression of the situation and can give you a lot of insight into the meaning of your dream. 

So, what does it mean to see the color green in your dream? Generally, dreaming of green represents a new start to something. It can represent a seed that has been energetically planted that is finally coming to fruition. This could also mean something “new” that needs to be learned, such as a new skill or new information. Green can also mean success and prosperity, especially if you dream of green plants or green money. 

The color green can have many meanings depending on the context it appears in and the symbol it is attached to. For example, many people dream of wearing green clothing, seeing a green snake, watering green plants, walking in green grass, etc. Each of these symbols and situations means something different. This article will explain the variation of green in dreams. 


What Does Green Represent In a Dream?

I recently wrote an in-depth article about the spiritual meaning of green which translates well for this topic. The spirit realm loves to communicate with colors, as they hold certain vibrations, which is the language that Spirit speaks in. 

You can check out that article here: The Spiritual Meaning of Green And How To Interpret It

Green can symbolize any of the following, depending on the context: 

  • Growth, harmony, fruitfulness, and creativity
  • In business, it represents originality, innovativeness and new beginnings
  • It can give you a sense of safety and security
  • It is associated with success, money, and abundance
  • The vibration of green promotes growth, vitality and has a healing power
  • It evokes a sense of peace and stability to the mind and the physical body
  • It slows down your heart rate giving a sense of calmness and tranquility
  • Wearing green clothing can give you a reputation of being sincere and genuine 
  • Wearing green clothing can also mean that you are developing emotionally, and you may be emotionally immature about a situation. 

When you see the color green appear in a dream, depending on the context, it could mean that you are heading into a new chapter, full of growth and fresh opportunities. 


Dreaming of A Green Snake

Green In Dreams: What It Means and How To Interpret It - green snake

A common dream that people strongly associate the color green with is dreaming of a green snake. 

Snakes bring up deep primal fears that we still carry with us in our DNA from the Paleolithic era when snakes were a very real danger to our survival. It is common for people to develop unexplainable phobias of snakes, without having any real confrontation with a snake in their life. 

Snakes are usually associated with the energy of our root/1st chakra. This is the energy center that gives us a feeling of safety and security and is tied to survival energy. It is the part of us that is still connected to the fears of our ancestors. 

In dreams, the symbol of a snake is usually communicating something that is related to domestic matters, financial stress, feeling secure/insecure in your environment, your physical health, or someone that is threatening to you. 

A green snake relates to the emotion tied to that situation: green means prosperity, abundance, creativity, new beginnings, hope, peace, harmony. Shades of darker green can mean envy, jealousy, fear of attachment or commitment. Shades of lighter green, such as emerald, usually carry a highly spiritual vibration and can denote purity and sincerity. 

Dream of Green Snake Attacking

If a green snake is attacking you, or you think it might attack you, this is a sign that you feel threatened by something in your environment. The color green means that it is something new that you are wanting to start, or a new creative venture, that you feel is being threatened. 

This could also mean that you want to start something new, such a apply for a new job, but don’t have enough courage to do it. You feel scared as it means that you will have to make changes to your current living situation. 

Often times people dream of a green snake attacking when they are unhappy with their career but don’t know how to change to a more fulfilling career — or that they are not creating a reality that is aligned with their highest self. 

Dream of Green Snake Chasing

Similar to dreaming of being attacked by a snake, dreaming of being chased by a snake can be a truly terrifying dream. 

The idea that the snake will catch you and suffocate you is usually the fear. 

If you are dreaming of a green snake chasing you and trying to suffocate you, this usually means that you have a fear of commitment in your current relationship or business partnership. 

Green is the color of the heart chakra and carries a vibration of love and connection with others. You may be energetically running away from the part of your partner that wants to connect with you because you feel threatened by it for some reason. 

Possibly this person is being too clingy or you don’t feel like they are a good fit for you. But more likely, there is a fear that connecting with someone else makes you vulnerable and gives them the opportunity to break your heart in the end. 

It may be a good idea to communicate with your partner and let them know how you are feeling about a long-term committed relationship. 

Dream of Green Snake Biting

Dreaming of a green snake biting is different than just attacking or being chased. It means that this is not a perceived threat; it is an actual threat. 

Usually, when a snake bites, it is related to a specific person or harmful energy that is in your energetic space and manipulating you in some way. 

A lot of people report dreams of snakes biting a hand or an eye. Here is a breakdown of what each of those means: 

  • Bite in the right hand: If your right hand is your dominant hand, then this means that someone is taking your power or control away. Do you have an overbearing parent or partner? Is your boss on a power trip? Do you have a teacher taking advantage of you?
  • Bite in the left hand: If left is your non-dominant hand, this means that someone is manipulating you without you knowing it. Someone is trying to take advantage of you, such as trying to get money from you. Look out for con-artists, scammers, or even friends that are taking advantage of your time and energy. 
  • Bite in the eye: You are being deceived by someone and your intuition is not picking up on it. Spend time meditating to get centered in your own energetic space and listen to your intuition about people or situations in your life.  

The color green in all of these situations usually has to do with money or abundance. Someone is using your energy to make them successful (such as a boss), or they are a friend that feels insecure if you are more successful then they are, which makes you feel guilty. 

To read more about what it means to be bitten by a snake in a dream, you can check out the full length article I wrote about that here.

Dream of Green Snake While Pregnant

This is a surprisingly common dream, but it makes sense when you break down the symbolism. 

Green is a color of fertility and new growth and being pregnant symbolism of birth and new beginnings, for obvious reasons. So these two appearing together in a dream is a clear indicator that this dream is about creating something new, or about literal reproduction. 

A green snake in this dream can symbolize the fears that we all have that come with being a creator. 

Most often, this is responsibility. Just like having children, they don’t choose to come into this life, you choose to have them. Because of that, you feel responsible for every hardship they have to endure in their life. This can also apply to starting a business or starting a new project of any kind. 

If you dream that a snake bites you while you are pregnant, this usually means someone is trying to prevent you from creating something that will better your life, or trying to prevent you from being successful. 

Dream of Green Snake in Water

Green In Dreams: What It Means and How To Interpret It - green snake

Dreaming of water is symbolic of the spirit realm. Because snakes are related to our most primal physical existence, having a snake in the water is a way to bring your physical reality and the spiritual world together. 

This symbolism means that the most physical part of who you are is still very spiritual. Spiritual energy will show up in your physical reality, to show you that the universe has a plan for you. 

A snake in water is a very good omen and something that should make you feel at peace. 

A green snake in water is a sign of abundance. It is possible that new opportunities will be headed your way which will lead you to success. You just have to get over your primal fear of failure and jump in the water. 

Water can also mean emotions, and if you dream you are being pulled under water by a green snake, it could mean that you have a fear of success because of the emotions that come along with being successful, such as responsibility or accountability.  

To read more about different colored snakes in dreams, you can check out the article I wrote about that here.


What Does It Mean To Dream Of Green Plants? 

Plants are commonly green, so to dream of green plants doesn’t seem outside normal reality. But green plants do have symbolic meaning in a dream, so it is important to pay attention to what they are communicating to you in your dreams. 

Dreaming of Green Grass

Green grass is symbolic of new opportunities that will be opening up for you. It is like looking into a field of wide-open spaces, and there is no limit to what you can explore. This evokes a sense of freedom. 

Green grass is also symbolic of the success that can happen if you take advantage of those new opportunities headed your way. It has been connected to a sense of prosperity and wealth. 

If you dream that you are surrounded by dry grass, it may mean that you feel some opportunities have dried up, or that you are having financial issues. If the dry grass is because of a drought, there may need to be some attention given to your spiritual well-being. It may be time to take an extra-long break to re-connect with yourself, such as going on a meditation retreat. 

If you are trying to cut down long grass, it could mean you can’t handle how fast you have been growing. This could be a sign to ask for help or to delegate smaller distracting tasks to others so that you can feel less overwhelmed. 

Dreaming of Green Apples

Throughout history, apples have symbolized forbidden fruit and knowledge, which is one way they can be interpreted. 

Many times over I have noticed the symbol of an apple to be clarity and a new revelation about oneself. 

If you are resting under a green apple tree, you are on a path to gain higher wisdom and are tuning into the messages of the spirit. 

If you are eating a green apple, you are bringing an idea to fruition that has to do with a new business or new project. The apple (or idea) is being consumed and digested and turned into energy. 

Planting apple seeds from a green apple is a sign of abundance and multiplication of your efforts. What you are doing now will give you great returns in the future. 

Seeing someone else eat a green apple is seeing the promise in someone else’s idea and it might a good idea to invest in whatever they have planned. 

Dreaming of Watering Plants

Green In Dreams: What It Means and How To Interpret It - watering plants in dreams

As mentioned earlier in this article, water usually appears in dreams as the spirit realm. If you are watering plants, especially new plants, then things are happening to bring growth to your physical reality, even though you may not notice it is your waking life. 

If you over water your plants, this could be a sign that you are spending too much time in your imagination or asking your guides for advice and not enough time on taking physical action to get the project done. 

Watering plants is a good dream and means prosperity, abundance, growth, and success. 


What Does It Mean To Dream of Green Eyes? 

Green In Dreams: What It Means and How To Interpret It - green eyes

Eyes usually represent “sight,” and in dreams, this means energetic or spiritual “sight.” 

If you dream that you have green eyes, it means that you have a stronger intuition than you think, and that you should trust your intuitive senses on a matter you are worried about. 

If you dream someone else is staring at you with green eyes, it means that they sense a lot more than you think, and it is better that you honest and transparent with them. 

Seeing an animal with green eyes could have many different meanings, but this usually means that your intuition can be accessed via the same natural instincts as the animal. 

For example, to dream of a cat with green eyes means that to access your intuition, you may need to explore your feminine nature, be creative, express your power, set boundaries, and be aggressive when necessary. 

This could also be your spirit animal, so seeing this animal in your waking life could be a sign from Spirit. 


What Does Wearing Green Mean? 

Wearing the color green can have different meanings, depending on the shade of green and who is wearing it. 

If someone else is wearing green clothing, it usually means they can be trusted with financial or spiritual matters. They have the capacity to be a great friend. If you are in a fight with this person, it might mean that you need to find a way to be at peace with them once again. 

If you dream that you are wearing clothing, it can mean a variety of things. 

  • Lime green clothing: You are expressing a creative side of yourself that is bringing you new opportunities for growth. 
  • Aqua-green/turquoise: You are highly intuitive and have more wisdom about a situation than you really think. Listen to your intuition about the situation, and the answer will be correct. 
  • Kelly green: You are starting a new level of growth, which means you are in the “student” phase. This can be difficult to transition through because we all want to be masters. There may be some more growing or maturing that needs to happen around a situation you are in. Ask for help and listen. Be vulnerable and let people know that you don’t know everything. 
  • Olive green: You are stepping into a new season of being a nurturer. Possibly, you are wanting to start a family or adopt a new family pet. You may be pregnant and not know it yet. 
  • Dark green: You have a fear of letting people into your life, and do not want others to get attached to you. You may also have a fear of being betrayed or jealous of someone. There are emotional issues being worked on in your heart center. 
  • Emerald/light green: You are reaching a new level of wisdom and on the path towards enlightenment. You have a strong connection to Spirit. 



Colors in dreams can be a fun way to explore deeper spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves that are usually hidden away. By paying attention to colors, it could bring an entirely new interpretation to your dream. 

Green is a dynamic color, imparting the information related to health, abundance, success, prosperity, hope, creativity, new beginnings, and hope. Without having this as additional information, and a scary snake dream would be just a nightmare and not a sign of hope for success on the horizon. 

May you have dreams filled with fields of green shamrocks and abundantly flowing waterfalls. 


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