Praying Mantis in Dreams: The Spiritual Interpretation

It may be one of the most terrifying, or wonderful dreams you have had: A praying mantis is staying at your, with its shifty eyes and long raptor claws slowing moving in your direction. Praying mantis dreams can bring up varying degrees of emotions, from deep fear to wonder and fascination. 

So, what does it mean to dream of a praying mantis? Dreaming of a praying mantis represents hidden opportunities found deep within yourself that you are either running away from or not still enough to realize. It represents a connection with spiritual beings, intuition, and trusting the lessons that the universe is asking you to learn.

Depending on the emotions that you felt in your praying mantis dream, the events that were happening when the praying mantis showed up, and the people involved, your praying mantis dream could have different meanings. This article will go over the most commonly asked questions about praying mantis dream interpretations.


What Is The Spiritual Meaning of a Praying Mantis Dream? 

Praying mantises are highly spiritual insects, with a long history of being regarded as having supernatural abilities and a connection to the underworld. They often appear in people’s lives who have recently lost a loved one, or when they are going through a spiritual awakening. 

They are attracted to high vibrations, and will only come out of their disguise to be seen when they want to. If you see a praying mantis, it often causes you to stop and stare at the creature with curiosity. 

Symbolically, the praying mantis represents the power of introspection, meditation, and investigation into your Higher Self and purpose. The praying mantis represents clear sight or clear knowing of psychic energies that shape your reality.

The lessons that a praying mantis shows you is the power of patience and sitting still so that you can search within to find your own truth about who you are and where you are mean to be going. 

Praying mantises by nature are calculating predators and will wait patiently until they are 100% sure that they can catch their prey. Once they are sure, they pounce with speed and aggression until they get what they want. This represents the ability to manifest based on intuition, knowing exactly when and where you want to go, and taking confident action to get what you need in order to fulfill your highest potential.  

To read more about the spiritual symbolism and meaning of a praying mantis, I wrote an in-depth article about it here: Seeing a Praying Mantis? What Is The Spiritual Significance?

If you are dreaming of a praying mantis, it could be a sign that this is your animal spirit guide or your animal totem. The article mentioned above with let you know how to determine if this insect is serving as a spiritual guide in this season of your life. 


What Does It Mean To Be Friendly With a Praying Mantis In a Dream? 

If you dream that you are being friendly with a praying mantis, this is a positive dream and a good omen. It is a sign that you have a strong relationship with your intuition and psychic abilities, and are able to trust the information coming in. 

Being friendly with a praying mantis is not a natural or normal response, so you most likely have faced a lot of challenges with your internal emotional, spiritual and mental health on your journey to discover who you are. You have faced the more negative sides of your shadow self and have chosen to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what dark things lurk in your unconscious. 

If you have recently been seeing a therapist, taking intuitive classes, and doing deep work to sorting out your false beliefs before having this dream, it is a sign that you have had a major breakthrough with your progress and are now receiving messages from a deeper place of inner wisdom and higher truth. 

This is a great time to set intentions for what you want to manifest, as your vibration is now high enough to bring in your manifestations a lot quicker than they normally come into your reality. Keeping a journal of goals, making a vision board, or setting moon intention rituals, are all great practices to take advantage of your high spiritual energy.


What Does Killing a Praying Mantis in a Dream Mean? 

To dream of killing a praying mantis in a dream represents your resistance to trusting the flow of the universe and your intuitive sight. You may be in a season where you are asked to give up some comforts in order to seek a higher path, yet, you decide to ignore these signs. 

Killing a praying mantis in a dream represents fear of the unknown, and fear of facing your shadow self. The path towards self-discovery and to uncover hidden truths requires humility, surrender and seeing things about yourself that you may not like. 

The dream of killing a praying mantis was probably a response to fear that the praying mantis would attack and kill you, and you were acting out of self-defense. 

While the result of not fighting back may have been death; in the spiritual world and the law of energetics, death is not always a bad thing. In order to evolve, often death is the necessary step in order to be reborn as a higher and more enlightened version of yourself. 

In the tarot, the Death card doesn’t represent the physical act of dying; rather, it represents the process of change, transformation, and the law of nature that includes birth, death, and rebirth. 

Surrendering to the death of parts of yourself is a deeply spiritual process that allows you to be reborn again. The praying mantis offers a gift, yet, our primal instincts and emotional attachment to this physical world keep us in a state of fear and flight, preventing us from growing and evolving. 

What does it mean to see a dead praying mantis in a dream? 

If you dream of seeing a praying mantis but were not the one that killed it, it could have two different spiritual meanings: 

Seeing a dead praying mantis in your dream often means that you are distracted on superficial matters in life are ignoring aspects of your spiritual growth. Something may have happened recently that have introduced new stressors to your life, such a new job, relationship or friendship drama that is causing you to veer off the path from your goals. This is a time to step away from the distracts, get centered, and revisit your mindfulness activities. 

Another meaning of dreaming of a dead praying mantis could be that you are spending too much time meditating and being too introspective, and not taking enough action. Your physical reality is beginning to atrophy because you are spending too much time in your imagined reality. 

When you see a dead praying mantis, it is important to pay attention to the energy you are giving to your spiritual growth. Has it been neglected? Or has it been too much? 

If it has been neglected, it is time to set up a wellness routine so that you can begin to focus on yourself again. If it has been too much, it is time to get up off the meditation mat and start taking action towards your goals. 


What is the Meaning of a Praying Mantis Attacking in a Dream? 

Dreaming of a praying mantis attacking you in a dream, such as a praying mantis biting or stinging you, is a sign that you are currently being tested by the universe to see if you have learned enough from a spiritual lesson in order to move on

For example, if you have been asking the universe to manifest abundance, the universe may have said yes and you began getting higher wages, big checks, and rewards aplenty. But, the universe is always going to test you to see if you are evolved enough to remain at the vibration to hold that abundance. 

You may have recently been faced with hardship such as loss of funds, to test your trust in the universal flow of energy. If you respond with depression, angst, anger or negativity, the universe may say that you have more to learn about abundance than just financial abundance. You need to spend more time building your feeling of abundances such as love, passion, joy, and kindness. 

This is just one example of being tested by the universe, which can apply to almost everything in life. If you have a dream about a praying mantis attacking, it is important to journal your dream right upon waking and think about the ways you are being challenged right now. 

How can you see your recent challenges and hardships as a positive that can be the catalyst for growth and change? What can you do to step into an attitude of trust and surrender that everything will work out in the end? 

While being attacked by a praying mantis may seem like a negative or scary dream, being visited by a praying mantis in a dream or vision is almost always a positive sign that you have a strong spiritual connection, and are destined in this life for challenges so that you can always be growing spiritually. 

What does it mean if a praying mantis is attacking my romantic partner? 

If you dream about a praying mantis attacking a partner in your dream, this may be a sign that there is a spiritual disconnection between you and your partner that is causing the relationship harm. One of you may be drawing away from the other in search of spiritual fulfillment elsewhere. 

Open communication about each other’s spiritual goals is the message that the attacking praying mantis is sending. Without fostering spiritual growth in each other, there is no light to guide you through life’s challenges, and no common threads weaving your paths towards a shared, evolved, and elevated future. 



There is no doubt that dreaming of a praying mantis a form of spiritual communication, as praying mantises are very sensitive to spiritual energies. If you do have a dream about a praying mantis, it is important to journal the dream, and also document the emotions and events that are happening in your waking life, as this can give you a lot of information as to why you are seeing praying mantises in your dreams. 

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what dream symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a praying mantis dream, everyone has their own intuitive and dream language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what the symbolism of a praying mantis dream means to you and your spiritual journey. 


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