Hummingbirds In Dreams | The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

Seeing a hummingbird in real life is always a nice surprise, so seeing a hummingbird appear in your dreams can feel like a magical dream and one that is filled with spiritual symbolism. This is why many people ask what the spiritual symbolism is of a hummingbird appearing in a dream means. 

So, what is the spiritual symbolism of a hummingbird appearing in your dreams? Hummingbirds appearing in dreams represent inner intelligence, new ideas, and spiritual determination. They can often appear as a way for Spirit to give you the inspiration to take action on ideas that you have right now. Hummingbirds are a message that small ideas can lead to big results. 

Depending on the context of your hummingbird dream, the other symbolism that appears in your dreams, and the feeling you have when you wake up, a hummingbird in your dream can have a different meaning to you. Below are the most common types of hummingbird dreams and what they mean. 


Spiritual Meaning Of a Hummingbird In Dreams

Dreaming of hummingbirds is a powerful spiritual symbol and one that should not be ignored.  

Hummingbirds resonate at a very high frequency, making them sensitive to spiritual energies that flow all around them. They are often influenced by the spirit realm, which has given them a reputation for being spiritual messengers and guides of light. 

Physically, they are very small creatures, yet, for their size, they have incredible endurance which allows them to fly and hunt for nectar all day long. In addition, they have the largest brain to body ratio out of all other birds, allowing them to remember every place they’ve ever found nectar. It goes without saying, they are very intelligent. 

With these qualities combined, the message from a hummingbird dream is related to your thoughts, inspirations, and ideas, and the power behind those. It may indicate that small ideas that you have right now have more potential than you think. Don’t abandon your smaller dreams, or dreams that seem too unrealistic to happen. When you are having dreams and visions of hummingbirds, it indicates that your ideas are spiritually influenced and will have a quicker time manifesting into the physical world. 

Hummingbird dreams are powerful because they represent a shift that is happening on a deeper spiritual level that is impacting your core values. As your core values start to shift, your thoughts and the ideas that flow to you begin to change. 

Thoughts are the most powerful tool we have here on earth. The power to manifest anything starts in the imagination and requires the energy of consistent thought and action in order to grow. This is a very spiritual message, as God is creation itself, and the power to create is a Divine gift from Source. 

Hummingbird energy is a combination of spiritual devotion, mental agility, and physical determination to reach a goal. When these are in harmony, you can create any reality that you wish to live here on earth. 

The ideas that you have now are only possible because of the lessons that you have learned from your past to get you to where you are today. The hummingbird invites you to look at the bigger picture, and see a Divine connection in everything that you have done whether positive or negative. 

If you are currently dealing with a challenging situation and dream of a hummingbird, the message is to trust in the larger picture and understand the lessons you are working through so that these shifts can happen. 

To read more about the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds in your waking life, you can check out the article I wrote here: Visited By a Hummingbird? What Does It Mean Spiritually?


What Does it Being Friendly With A Hummingbird Mean? 

Hummingbirds In Dreams: spiritual meaning of dreaming of a friendly hummingbird

Being friendly with hummingbirds in a dream is a special message and a powerful spiritual sign. It indicates that within your awareness and consciousness, your truth is being realized. You might feel that a shift is happening in your waking life which causes some fear of the unknown, yet, when you sleep you are getting more comfortable with the truth of who you are. 

A friendly hummingbird is letting you know that there is nothing that should be feared from being the highest and best version of yourself, and to not be resistant to aligning with your highest truth. 

Hummingbirds are attracted to bright light, high vibrations, and pure energy connected to the Divine. If a hummingbird is wanting to be around you in a dream, it means that it is attracted to these qualities that you possess. It wants to see how you will use your gifts for the betterment of humanity. 

Because hummingbirds are small and fragile, it is important to take care when a hummingbird approaches you. Sometimes passions of the heart can be so loud and explosive that they can cause more harm than good. This a season to be very intentional about your actions, and trust your intuition so you can learn to be patient. Sudden and impatient movements can scare the friendly hummingbird away. 

In Native American tradition, hummingbirds were said to be “stoppers of time.” They believed that they exist in both the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Similarly, the way that we manifest is based on a timeline beyond what we can calculate here in the physical realm. You may have to wait a long time, then suddenly, in an instant, something magical and life-changing can appear. 

The message from a friendly hummingbird is to trust, be patient, and be intentional with what you are manifesting. 

Dreaming of Hugging a Hummingbird

One way that a hummingbird can appear friendly in your dream is if it lets you hug it. What does it mean if you dream of hugging a hummingbird? 

Dreaming of hugging a hummingbird indicates that you have accomplished something that should be celebrated. You have done something that makes you very proud of yourself, almost like you want to give yourself an internal hug. Right now is a time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 

Whether you know it or not, you have just finished a goal or life lesson that will propel you to the next stage of your journey. If you have been doing internal work in your wellbeing, or external work to complete a goal, you will start to see successes and results from the work that you have put in. 

This may be a good time to reflect on all the things that you have been working towards, and how you have been structuring your life. This can help you look back on your accomplishments so that you can feel proud of the effort you put into your projects, which can give you the inspiration to keep moving forward. 

Also, this could represent celebrating someone else’s successes and honoring a cycle that they have completed. It may be a partner, friend, or family member. This could be a reminder to give praise to others for everything they have done. This is the best way to show love – praise them for their progress, not get jealous, and try to hold them back. 

If you are jealous of someone completing something that you wish you had completed, and dream of hugging a hummingbird, this could be a message that releasing jealousy and being genuinely happy for the successes of others could be the life lesson that you are moving through right now. 

Dreaming of Having a Pet Hummingbird

Another dream that is common of a friendly hummingbird is to dream that you have a pet hummingbird. It could be that the hummingbird follows you around freely, or it could be that you have it in a cage. 

Having animals as pets in dreams usually represents keeping a part of yourself in captivity, even if you think the animal can go free. The message from this dream is about letting your light shine and not letting others diminish it. 

It may be that you are hiding parts of your truth because you are fearful people might think, or you are hiding your own truths from yourself. Hummingbirds are wild animals and need to be free, just like your truth. 

You may feel as if you are at a job or in a lifestyle that is comfortable, but you aren’t passionate about it. You might feel caged and unable to break away from your current life to seek out a higher truth. 

In the dream, if you let the hummingbird go, do you think it would come back? The message is to release the hummingbird, and trust that it will come back. Take the leap of faith in your own life, and trust that the universe will always flow back into your life and carry you towards success. 

Dreaming of a Hummingbird In Your Hand

If you dream that a hummingbird lands in your hands, or that a hummingbird appears in your hands, this dream is about creation and manifestation. 

The hands are energetically the most creative parts of the body, as they are the main tools that we use to put things together. They represent taking action and building a reality based on the imagination. 

The message from a hummingbird appearing in your hands represents that you are ready to take action on a project or goal that you have been putting off. When hummingbirds show up, it is a sign that there is high amounts of spiritual energy around something, so whatever you are ready to create, the universe is right behind you ready to lend you a helping hand. 

The hardest part of a project is often the first few steps, and this dream is the universe telling you to take the first steps, and they will take care of the rest. 


What Does It Mean To Dream Of a Talking Hummingbird?

It may seem like a silly dream, but having a dream about a talking hummingbird should be journaled and analyzed for its strong spiritual symbolism. 

To dream of a talking hummingbird signifies that you are passionate about self-discovery, and are always try to explore deeper into your hidden shadow side. This is a dream that shows a strong introspective side to you that loves to lean into the mysteries of the universe. 

You have a strong connection to your inner sight and you base a lot of your decisions on how you feel. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you will listen and change course right away. It is a sign of strong intuition and self-trust. 

Right now you are being extra introspective, perhaps because you are needing to make an important decision in your life, or start a big project and are working out the kinks in the planning stage. Whatever it is, in your dream state you are talking to yourself to help you process these energies, which is showing up as a talking hummingbird companion. 

This may be a sign that you are ignoring your introspective nature, and are too distracted by outside stresses and not spending enough time listening to what your heart is saying. This might be a good time to break away from your distractions and spend a day relaxing and reestablishing a dialogue with your inner wisdom. 

The hummingbird can also represent another person that is trying to communicate with you but is not able to get through to you. If you wake up with someone in mind, it might be helpful to reach out to them and see if they have anything important to share with you. 


What Does it Mean To Catch a Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds In Dreams: meaning of catching a hummingbird in dreams

Dreaming of catching a hummingbird means that you have a desire right now to create something new in your life, and are putting a lot of mental and physical effort into figuring out how to make those changes. 

It might feel as if you are trying to chase after a dream, and if you are fast enough or strong enough then you will finally get your rewards. However, this ambition, while strong and powerful, can be reckless or burn out without the right intention behind your pursuits. 

Take a step back and reflect on what you are trying to achieve and how you are going about doing that. Are you trying to achieve something out of fear, or is spiritual growth and helping others the foundation of your actions?

This message is about listening to your heart. Just because you catch the hummingbird doesn’t make the hummingbird yours. You can waste so much time and energy trying to catch something that will fly away the moment it possibly can. 

Is your mind in alignment with your heart? If so, a lot of the effort you are putting into your project can be saved by trusting that the universe will provide. However, if your project is just based on the mind alone, without heart, it will be a struggle to finish and maintain your final objective. 

The great news about this dream is that you have what it takes to manifest a reality beyond your wildest dreams. You are willing and ready to take action on your ideas, now the secret ingredient is making sure that it aligns with your spiritual journey. 

This could a great time to slow down, take some time to search within, and see if the hummingbird will come to you instead of trying to run and catch it. 


What Does It Mean If a Hummingbird Is Attacking In a Dream? 

Hummingbirds are very territorial and can show aggressive behavior towards those that encroach on their space. For as small and delicate as these creatures are, they make up for in confidence, speed, and dominance. 

If you are dreaming that a hummingbird is attacking you, these are the energies that are being processed in your dream. This dream represents the need to keep fighting for what you have already built. The process of creation may seem like a series of deadlines, which requires consistent attention to whatever new deadline lies ahead. 

It can be easy to leave a project that you feel has been completed, however, this dream is telling you that your journey has just begun. You will now be faced with new struggles that will test you to see if you can keep whatever you have started. 

This may be financial struggles, emotional struggles or struggles to stay inspired and focused. You may be just received a large sum of money, but if you don’t use that money to keep moving your project forward, that money may disappear. We are always given the resources we need to move to the next stage, and if you stop moving, the resources stop flowing. 

Even though this dream can seem scary, ultimately it is a positive dream. It means that you do have a fighting spirit within you, but you will be tested to see if you can still show up when things get difficult. 

Learning how to defend yourself, standing up for your truth, and sticking with a goal no matter how difficult are all huge life lessons. Once you gain these skills, nothing can stop you. 


What Does It Mean To Dream Of a Dead Hummingbird?

Seeing a dead hummingbird is an important dream to listen to, as it is a dream letting you know about what is holding you back. 

Spiritually, death doesn’t actually mean physical death or something that will die. Instead, it signifies what death represents – that something has shifted so drastically that it no longer lives in its same valence. It has moved on to a different form to be rebirthed, transformed, and evolved. 

If you have a dream of a dead hummingbird, you are receiving ideas, but they have not been nurtured to grow in whatever form that they originally appeared. It may be because you did not take action, or you are not ready to see that idea to full manifestation. 

Whatever the reason, the idea has now changed, and the opportunities with it are now transformed to something else. If you want to go after this opportunity again, you will need to prepare yourself for being ready to receive it once it comes back into your life. 

Have you been holding yourself back recently? Have you been putting off a project that you keep telling yourself you will have time to do it later? Be careful of these thoughts! Inspiration and opportunities won’t stick around forever. 

If you missed your opportunity for growth, it is a good time to start working on your inner spiritual growth and self-confidence so that you will be ready to spring into action and maintain consistent energy to keep your idea alive until you can see it in your reality. 

Dreaming Of a Wounded Hummingbird

Dreaming of a wounded hummingbird is similar to dreaming of a dead hummingbird, but all hope is not lost. An opportunity is about to pass you by, but you are catching it before it moves on. 

It is time to act fast on your goals. This is the time to find ways to motivate yourself to move forward on the project that you have been putting off. If you don’t act soon, the hummingbird may not get better, and the idea may move on, leaving you back in the same cycle of growth causing a feeling of stagnation. 

This could also mean that your inner wisdom has been injured in some way, due to giving too much attention to your outside world and not enough attention on your internal world. Have you been feeling out of balance lately? 

It could also mean that you did big internal work, and some inner wounds are coming to the surface to heal. While it may feel comfortable to face your inner wounds and past traumas, if you don’t face them and try to heal them, they can hold you back and prevent you from taking action on your goals. 

If you have been feeling a lack of motivation, or have been putting things off that you know you should be working on, it may be that you are trying to avoid something that is getting triggered by your progress on your goal. 

For example, if you are starting to see success, but have a deep false belief that making money is bad, you will subconsciously stop trying to move your success forward. The fear of facing that belief can be greater than the desire to change. 

It may be helpful to seek out guidance from friends, family, or go to a professional healer to get a different perspective and try to investigate what is making you feel wounded so that you can heal. 


Dreaming of Colored Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds In Dreams: The spiritual meaning of different colored hummingbird in dreams.

When dreaming of hummingbirds, another layer of symbolism that can give you insight into the meaning of the dream is the color of the hummingbird. Below are the most common hummingbird colors that show up in dreams and what they mean. 

Blue hummingbird dream meaningBlue is associated with the throat chakra and all about communication. Dreaming of a blue hummingbird suggests that you are very introspective and rely a lot on your inner communication. You are tuned into your intuition, thoughts, and feelings. Your intuition is trying to communicate to you, trust the feelings that you are getting about something. 
Red hummingbird dream meaningThe color red is associated with the root chakra which is all about bringing your creation into the physical realm. It is a very masculine “yang” energy and represents raw and potential ideas that are ready to be manifested. Because hummingbirds are so connected with spiritual energy, they often show up with the universe and is ready to help you launch you towards success. The message from the universe is “take the first steps, and we will take care of the rest.” Often, the hardest part of a project is just getting started, so a red hummingbird is meant to inspire you to finally take the first step!
Red is also associated with passion, it a red hummingbird in a dream can indicate that you need more passion in your life. If you are not excited about what you do, the message is to spend time discovering what you love in life. 
Green hummingbird dream meaningThe color green represents growth, new beginnings, health, and success. When a hummingbird appears in your dream that is green, it usually represents that you are in a period of growth, starting a new chapter, or that this is a season to explore a new layer of yourself and plant seeds that will foster success in your future. This is a positive sign for abundance, new ideas, new projects, and new relationships. Just remember to stick with the projects that you start. The vibration of green requires nourishment and consistent attention in the early stages, and it is easy to abandon projects to early because you aren’t seeing results. There is a need for patience.
Black hummingbird dream meaningA black hummingbird is a symbol of change, rebirth, and transformation. You are in a period of shifting which can bring up a lot of challenges. A black hummingbird can be deceiving – it might seem like you are facing challenges that are setting you back; however, the challenges are helping you prepare for opportunities hidden your way.  
White hummingbird dream meaningA white hummingbird represents birth, new adventures, new beginnings, and purity of spirit. Whatever you are about to start, you are tapping into your highest truth and following your spiritual passion. 
Because white hummingbirds are so new on the cycle of evolution, there may be naivety. Similar to the Fool card in the tarot, don’t rely on blind faith alone. Make sure you are grounded in reality, and not just making decisions with a head in clouds.  



Dreaming of hummingbirds contains highly spiritual messages that can give ou a lot of clarity regarding the next steps on your manifesting journey. These dreams communicate messages about inner intelligence, new ideas, and spiritual determination. Here is a summary of the meanings of common hummingbird dreams: 

  • Dream of a friendly hummingbird: your truth is being realized
  • Dream of giving a hug to a hummingbird: celebrate what you have completed
  • Dream of a pet hummingbird: trust that the universe has your back
  • Dream of a hummingbird in your hand: you are ready to take action on a project
  • Dream of a talking hummingbird: You have a strong introspective nature
  • Dream of catching a hummingbird: Make sure your heart and mind are aligned
  • Dream of a hummingbird attacking: You will be tested to bring out your fighting spirit
  • Dream of a dead hummingbird: An opportunity has passed you by
  • Dream of a wounded hummingbird: false belief systems are holding you back 
  • Dream of a blue hummingbird: Trust your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Dream of a green hummingbird: Remember to nurture projects that you start
  • Dream of a red hummingbird: Create with passion, and trust the process
  • Dream of a black hummingbird: Change and transformation
  • Dream of a white hummingbird: New beginnings

Like everything on this site and on the internet, use your intuition when deciding what dream symbolism works best with you. While this is one interpretation of the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird in your dreams, everyone has their own intuitive and dream language. Sit still and listen to your own answers about what the symbolism of a hummingbird in your dream means to you and your spiritual journey. 


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